When I was about four years old my family moved to Ethiopia. At the time it was the poorest country in the world and it was probably also the most proud country in the world. Upon arriving we were flooded with shouts of “FORENJI!, FORENJI!, FORENJI!” Translated, this Amharic word means “foreigner”. Although often accompanied with a ‘F**** you’, that word, Forenji, describes much of my life and will continue to do so. I am a foreigner in this world, in the sense that I am a citizen of heaven and also in the sense that I have no real home anywhere on earth. I was born in Johannesburg, raised and lived in many different parts of Ethiopia and am now in India and my life has barely begun. I consider myself a forenji, an outsider.

This blog will probably end up being a bunch of things ranging from mini ‘sermons’ to experiences and simple comments on this crazy planet we live on. Btw, I can’t spell and am terrible at grammar. Too bad for anyone who reads this stuff.