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Chains and Leg Irons

…The man had often been attacked by the demon. And even thought he had been bound with chains and leg irons and kept under guard, he smashed whatever bound him… – Luke 8:29
Sometimes you come across a biblical account or story, that has intense symbolic value, whether it was the authors intention or not. This story in Luke 8:26-39 of a man possessed by a mob of demons, sounds strangely familiar.

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More about Relationship, Religion and Culture

To see what I previously wrote on this subject go here. What I would like to do now is to clarify what I’ve said, expound a bit, and correct my own thinking where I may have been wrong.
By the way, have you seen the hit you tube video, Why I hate Religion, But Love Jesus? With currently more than 29M views its worth a watch. I think this video has taken the idea of which I spoke about, to the extreme. Too far into the extreme. For a good, balanced response to the video read, Does Jesus Hate Religion? Kinda, Sorta, Not Really. Continue reading “More about Relationship, Religion and Culture”

Die groot god ewolusie

“Daar is geen skepper, alles het vanself ontstaan,”
sê die skepsels, “die aarde, son en maan –
aanvaar nou sonder rusie,
dis alles die werk van die groot god ewolusie.
Hy weet niks, sien niks, en kan niks voel,
maar hy stuur nog altyd af op sy doel. Continue reading “Die groot god ewolusie”

Psalm to Him

You hear my unspoken prayers,
the desires of my heart are all seen by you.
To my silent vows you hold me accountable.
To my thoughts unspoken,
you respond with care.

When I speak in the language of my soul,
You respond with the love of your own.
When my heart is stripped bare,
I find your own finding me there. Continue reading “Psalm to Him”

Beware Pagans

There is a religion
A religion which shoves itself down your pagan throat
A religion of the righteous, unlike you
You third world barbarian

A religion which fights terror. With worse terror
A religion of the majority, outvoting the minority
A religion of rights, the right to kill, the right to war Continue reading “Beware Pagans”

This man in his youth

Look you here
This man in his youth
Slender and tall
Admired by all

Look you here
This man in his youth
Passionate and strong
Loving no wrong

But look you here
His innocence is gone
His vision has died
His soul has cried Continue reading “This man in his youth”

Born Identification

What is Christmas really about? If only I had a rupee for every time I heard someone ask that question.

Christmas is about born identification. It is a time to remember when the all supreme, all powerful, all knowing God, in his infinite love, came down to earth and identified with mankind. Continue reading “Born Identification”

I’m sorry, but there’s no such thing as independence

Independence does not exist. We only think that it does.
It is a mirage on the horizon of our pride.
Nothing and no-one can be independent
Everything and everyone must be interdependent

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Real-ise It

I can dwell on a relationship with Christ all day long, I can admire the beauty, nobility, power, pain and joy of such a relationship. I can write about it, make a case for it, encourage others for it, read more about it and totally sell myself over to the idea.

But. If I’m not actually in that relationship, if I am not really partaking in the the things of Christ, if I do not communicate with Him, live with Him as if my body were his dwelling place. Then it is all pretty sounding mumbo jumbo.

Am I living for the idea of a relationship with my creator, or am I living the relationship?
Has the idea of God, righteousness, holiness, love, endurance, suffering, power consumed my thoughts? Or am I consumed by these?

As a man thinketh so is he, not always. Because a man is more than just his thoughts.

Circumstantial Holiness

Circumstantial holiness, or maybe we can call it convenient righteousness, or easy virtues. It’s all just a form of hypocrisy.

It is only natural, only “human’”, only logical to take the path of least resistance. Protected by culturally acceptable practices in our Christianity. Yes, “Christianity” as a general term has moved from describing a relationship to a religion and now just a culture. Protected by the fear of being caught out for doing wrong. Protected by family values, healthy bodies, wealthy pockets. Doing the right thing is sometimes the easy thing. Continue reading “Circumstantial Holiness”


We live in a day and age of great stimulation. When we are stimulated, we become “alive”, we “wake up”, we are “driven”. The forms of stimulation around us are plentiful. Television, computers, movies, iPod’s, smart phones, billboards, Facebook, YouTube etc. If it is not flashy, interesting in appearance or has some kind of connection with our desires, it just doesn’t get a response from us. Continue reading “Stimulation”

A Legacy

Very few of us will admit that we want a life of mediocrity, but at the end of the day, so many of us have been willing to settle for it. Most of us, I’m sure, would like to live a great life, to be well known, to be praised, adored, loved. Not that most of us are willing or know anything of the sacrifice it takes to live a great life. Nevertheless, those who are slightly wiser may want their greatness to echo through the ages, to be remembered a hundred years, a thousand years after their time. Imagine. Wouldn’t that be something. Continue reading “A Legacy”


What does God want from me? What does he want me to do? Where is he leading me? Where is my life going? These are questions we often ask. I believe that they all spring from good intentions. But the questions may miss the point. Continue reading “Following”

A desire for beauty

I’m a guy, beauty is not usually equated with guys, we tend to be rough, dirty, strong, insensitive at times, with a tough exterior that rarely lets you know what our hearts long for.
Maybe I’m only speaking for myself, but I don’t think so. I want beauty, I don’t want to be feminine and I don’t want to look pretty…ever, but I need her. I need to see her, feel her, experience her, own her. Beauty, she captivates my heart. Continue reading “A desire for beauty”

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