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Read My Dream

Another lazy Sunday afternoon. And I decided to take a nap, after all, I was cold, tired and had little to do. I lay face down on the bed, sunlight peering through the window, but not really helping with the winter chills. Continue reading “Read My Dream”


The Naked Church

As I was sitting in Church, just one of those days, those regular church days, I began to drift off into wander. As if led by some mysterious guide. As you know, in some dreams you can see everyone but no one can see you. That’s how it was. I was aware of their presence, but not them of mine. Being a spectator I could not partake, but I could experience. And this is what I saw: Continue reading “The Naked Church”

Community Well

Your body’s not a community well,
That’s a path which will lead you to hell.
If you want to sell your soul,
You will have to pay the toll.

So fall on your face,
Accept your disgrace.

Let God into your broken heart,
With his true love healing will start.
Your body’s not a community well,
So stand up from whence you fell.

Fuel you can’t go without

There once was a man who who owned the most luxurious car in the world, he paid a lot of money for it, he had it cleaned and serviced regularly…it was quite the masterpiece. People from all over admired him for it, some may say that he was worshiped for the stunning piece of machinery. He was liked, a role model, all who knew him longed to achieve what he had, to be able to sit in heaven on wheels. But, with all the glitz and glamour, there was a problem that everyone had overlooked: The car had no fuel and it never went anywhere. Continue reading “Fuel you can’t go without”

Fishing, farming, catching, reaping

Once there was a man, a farmer, who set out to sow some grain. A bountiful harvest was what he was after. Try as he may his efforts were of no use. Until one day he found some good, ripe ground in which to plant his seeds. With the right sonlight and loving care his crop grew to a bountiful harvest. Continue reading “Fishing, farming, catching, reaping”

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