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King James Version or NIV, an answer to the debate on Bible translations

Is the New International Version (NIV) Bible corrupt? Which translation should I use?

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Love your enemies?

I wrote an article in December on a Christian response to ISIS  and had said that I believe undoubtedly, the response should be one formed in love.

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Questions You Make Me Ask

How is it that a year feels like a day 
and an eternity at the same time?
Does love reach across time, 

and defy the laws of nature? 

Tell me if you know, how is it that our live
only continues to grow? 
They say that cultures collide, 
and that races divide.
But how is it that even 5,000 miles 
couldn’t keep us apart?

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A Christian Response to ISIS?

A story just released on the Times of India news site alleging the beheading of 4 Christian children in Iraq for refusing to convert to Islam.
Here is an excerpt of the story: Continue reading “A Christian Response to ISIS?”


To fix our mind on Christ. That is the only thing.
Keeping our gaze, determined on Him.
No distraction, to shift us off course. Continue reading “Fixed”

Ambagsman Van Liefde

Lief Here – liewe Here – lieflike Here
Ambagsman van liefde
Bereiker van volmaaktheid
kompoinis van saligheid
Direkteur van volwassenheid
Lief Here – liewe Here – lieflike Here
Arties van ons ewigheid
Breker van ons goddeloosheid
Connoisseur van ons persoonlikheid
Dromer van ons vryheid
Lief Here – liewe Here – lieflike Here

“Holy” Suicide

Kill desire
To live the lie
Castrate passion
In hopes of freedom
Drown ambition
To fit the bill
Suppress emotion
To keep appearance
Gag action
To avoid mistake

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There is a great General. Master of battle. Lord of armies. Commander in Chief. He sets his gaze upon the earth, looking, yearning and asking: Who will serve me? Continue reading “Who?”

22 Lessons from Unpacking in India

For those who need some context, I’ve just moved into a new house with all my old stuff, half of which needed to be re-assembled upon arrival. So here is what I’ve learned, and if you are wise, take heed my friend:  Continue reading “22 Lessons from Unpacking in India”

Reserved for One

Idols abound in this life. Worthless Idols that do us no good*.
Carved out images of powerless beings. Detestable forms of unholy things. Mute, dumb, blind, senseless. Cold stone, lifeless eyes.
Oh yes. “I renounce these things!” says Mr. Christian. “Who do you think I am?  Would I behave like the heathen of the east?”
Then he goes and sets up idols in his heart.*

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The Great “I AM”

He does what He does
He wills what He wills
He goes where He goes
He says what He says
He moves what He moves

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Read My Dream

Another lazy Sunday afternoon. And I decided to take a nap, after all, I was cold, tired and had little to do. I lay face down on the bed, sunlight peering through the window, but not really helping with the winter chills. Continue reading “Read My Dream”

The Naked Church

As I was sitting in Church, just one of those days, those regular church days, I began to drift off into wander. As if led by some mysterious guide. As you know, in some dreams you can see everyone but no one can see you. That’s how it was. I was aware of their presence, but not them of mine. Being a spectator I could not partake, but I could experience. And this is what I saw: Continue reading “The Naked Church”

Composing Salvation

God of my darkest hour,
See see and see again!
Forever my Strong Tower.

God of my final moment,
See see and see again!
He’s there to make atonement. Continue reading “Composing Salvation”

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